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National Geographic Information Systems Laboratory

Nearly all of BSC’s bird monitoring datasets are geo-referenced, meaning that their analytical value and utility can be extended within a GIS environment, where, for example, relationships between birds, habitats, and stressors can be discovered and analyzed. Moreover, spatial tools allow science staff to visualize and query their data in ways that are not possible otherwise and which facilitate the formulation of innovative research questions.

Some recent projects include:

Bird Conservation Regions – On behalf of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI), BSC maintains and distributes the authoritative version of the Bird Conservation Regions spatial layer and associated products.  Both terrestrial and marine BCRs are included.  Click here to access the files and the metadata.

Breeding Bird Atlases – a geographer’s dream, these projects rely heavily on spatial analysis and mapping.  Every atlas project in which BSC is involved has a map-based interface to allow project participants to view the results of their efforts and to share the information with the general public.  Map libraries of project results can be viewed at each project’s website:  Ontario | Maritimes | British Columbia | Manitoba | Quebec.

Other Projects Important Bird Areas – Download KMZ or shapefile or printable PDF maps for each IBA in Canada, as well as browse our interactive map  |  Christmas Bird Counts – Browse the interactive map and download printable PDF maps for each CBC circle in Canada  |  Maps and analyses for Saving our Shared Birds:  Partners in Flight Tri-National Vision for Landbird Conservation.


Bird Studies Canada employs the ArcGIS suite of GIS products for the majority of its work.


Andrew Couturier (lead)
Eva Jenkins
Amanda Bichel
Sonya Richmond
Dean Evans
Sandra Marquez

Contact us:  birdmap@birdscanada.org